short bursts of time

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  • primroseheel

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    "Only for short periods of time", primroseheel. Several short periods of time = short bursts of time.
    Thank you, owlman5.
    Could you tell me if there is a difference between "short periods of time" and "a short period of time" in this context?


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    You're welcome. A short period/burst of time = 1 short period of time. Short periods/bursts of time = more than 1 short period of time


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    Look up burst in a dictionary. A burst suggests intense effort. A period doesn't. We can omit 'of time', and talk about reading in short bursts.
    burst, noun
    3. A period of continuous and intense effort.
    ‘he sailed 474 miles in one 24-hour burst’
    ‘Owen made the penalty that led to England's winner, hit the post after an explosive burst of pace and provided the cutting edge that restored his team's qualification hopes.’

    ‘A well-taught boxing circuit class, which involves intense bursts of skipping, abdominal exercises, sparring and bag work, is a fast way to shed excess pounds.’
    burst | Definition of burst in English by Oxford Dictionaries
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