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Hello, my friends,

When I read a book about how to live a simple life, I came across a sentence:

"You’ll know you are there when contentment takes the place of stress, when you can sleep soundly through the night, when you can spend as much time as you need with people you care about, and when the term short fuse applies to an electrical problem and not to your problem-solving approach."

My problem lies in the latter part of the sentence. I check the dictionary and find that short fuse means a short temper, but I am still not sure the exact meaning of this part. Does the author want to describe a case that we use the short temper to deal with problem rather than screw up the whole business. Would you give me some advice? Thank you.
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    "There" is some goal, apparently living a simple life. When you reach that state the phrase "short fuse" will not describe your way of dealing with problems. You will only relate to its literal sense as an electrical problem where a fuse has shorted out (short-circuited).
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