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Hi everyone,

I came across this expression "short on free hands", it may sound stupid but I'll ask anyway:) ;)

This is the example:

"I have a part-job where I do the same thing, but I’m usually short on free hands since I have to deal with client relations. "

Short on free hands means too busy with work, no time for extra activities or something like that, right? Or there is an additional meaning to it?
  • dobrinja2011

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    I suggest you ask her what she meant:).
    Okay, but what is wrong with my reasoning, I mean...If one's hands are busy, than he/she has no free time and the other way round. She would use an extra pair of hands, sounds simple. No?

    I can ask her, but I prefer first asking you guys :)


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    Well, "I'm short on free hands" isn't a usual expression, so I wouldn't advise you to use it yourself. But I expect you're right about the meaning:thumbsup:.
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