Short side & Long side (football vocabulary)


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spanish and catalan (spain)
i need to translate some specific vocabulary for football fields and categories of tickets. How would you translate this sentences in german?

- SHORT SIDE TICKETS (meaning that the tickets are located behind the goals, the short area of the stadium).

- LONG SIDE TICKETS (meaning that the tickets are located on the long area of the stadium, not behind goals). t

  • Click me. The stands behind the goals can generally be referred to as "Hintertortribünen" (singular: Hintertortribüne). As for the difference between the Haupttribüne and Gegentribüne, I'd say the "Haupttribüne" is usually the larger one and often equipped with box seats. However, I think it'd be perfectly understood if you just called both "Seitentribüne".

    So you'd say: Tickets/Eintrittskarten für die [TRIBÜNE]>.