shotgun wedding


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Hi there
The expression "shotgun wedding" was in a chapter of a book I've been reading. It relates of a wedding in which the bride was pregnant.
I wonder if it would mean something like "casarse de penalti"...
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance!
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    "a shotgun wedding" is a "forced marriage": the bride and groom, or one or the other, are forced to get married. Según el contexto, podría tratarse de "un casamiento de apuro", por ejemplo.


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    Don't forget to look in the Wordereference dictionary!

    WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary © 2013:

    Principal Translations
    shotgun wedding ninformal, figurative (marriage due to pregnancy)Españauna boda de penalti nf
    Yes, it was definitely a shotgun wedding; the bride was over six months pregnant.
    Todos los familiares se preguntaban si era una boda de penalti, ya que todo había sido tan rápido.
    coloqcasamiento de apuronm
    Y sí, fue un casamiento de apuro, estaba en el sexto mes. wedding