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Hello everyone! I can't clearly understand a sentence. Could you help me?

Others get attached to their hardware – George RR Martin won’t be parted from his word processor, and Cormac McCarthy, Don DeLillo and Tom Wolfe are all still stuck on typewriters. Yet what you won’t find even these hardcore Remington devotees enthusing about is the layout of the keyboards on which they pound day after day. That wordsmiths themselves should overlook this defining characteristic of the tool most vital to their trade is telling.
What does the last sentence mean there?

Thank you in advance.
Source Why is ‘qwerty’ on our keyboards?
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    Perhaps it'll be easier if I rephrase it.

    The fact that wordsmiths themselves should overlook this defining characteristic of the tool (that is) most vital to their trade is signifcant.


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    Writers (wordsmiths) need keyboards (tool most vital to their trade). But even writers ignore the layout of the keyboard (defining characteristic of the tool). This tells us a lot about the nature of the world (it is telling).

    The pompous language artfully disguises the fact that this sentence says nothing useful.


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    The main sentence is "X is telling", where "telling" means "something that tells us meaningful information about them".


    'Should' can be ignored there; it adds no real meaning.
    Below is my feeling of difference adding "should."

    The speaker is conveying a connotation that the fact that wordsmiths are overlooking the array of the keyboards is openly known to many people out there so it could be thought reliable.

    Please provide your opinion about my idea?
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