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    This is part of a film review:

    "I like the movie because it realistically depicted the horror of what was happening without relying on graphic content. They got the message across without shoving nudity and violence in my face."

    What is the best way to communicate this phrase in Spanish? (I don't need a translation of the whole quote.) It's idiomatic and I don't know how to begin translating it.

  2. aztlaniano

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    You can translate it almost word for word: Darme en la cara con escenas de desnudos y violencia.
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  3. Bocha

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    Other alternatives to convey the idea:

    ...sin agredirnos con escenas de sexo y violencia.
    ...sin refregarnos sexo y violencia en la cara.
  4. Gera De Aragón New Member

    Mexican Spanish
    in Mexico u could use "sin restregar nudismo y violencia en mi cara" - without shoving nudity and violence in my face
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  5. ClimbEveryMountain

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    De acuerdo con Gera de Aragón. :thumbsup:

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