shove ram thrust

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    Shove ram thrust (nip) should not be relied upon as the sole means of supporting segments, particularly when upper segments are in place but the ring is not complete. All segments should be positively supported.

    I would like to know the meaning of "shove ram thrust" in Spanish. The text is about tunnelling.

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    Your original looks like it has something wrong with it.
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    I'm afraid this is going to be of very little help, but I would advise looking for a solution with 'thrust' in physics as a type of energy.

    My guess (stress that, it's a guess) is that it is a similar force of energy to that contained within an arch, when the keystone is placed and subsequently exercises the force on those stones which are contiguous.
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    Never mind, a "shove ram" is a piece of equipment used in tunneling. Apparently it means don't let the action of the shove rams be the only form of support.

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