1. tonguingaround Banned

    Spanish Argentina
    quiero saber si "shovel into" es lo mismo que "pour into" en el siguiente párrafo
    Muchas Gracias

    The election has killed off any lingering hope the president might have had of lifting term limits to allow her to run again in 2015, a measure that would need the backing of two-thirds of Congress. And she has no obvious successor. To a more consensual leader, none of this would matter much. But Ms Fernández and her late husband and predecessor, Néstor Kirchner, have ruled Argentina since 2003 through permanent confrontation—with bondholders, the IMF, political opponents, the media and, lately, the judiciary. Their main weapon was a booming economy. They were fortunate to preside over a surge in the world prices of farm exports from the bountiful Pampas. They shovelled the proceeds into public employment, loss-making state companies and welfare programmes.
  2. levmac Senior Member

    British English
    Sí, es igual básicamente. Ten en cuenta que "pour into" crea una metáfora en que el sustantivo es un liquido, mientras utilizamos un "shovel" para mover tierra, porquerías, etc, y por lo tanto implica una actitud un poco menos refinada hacia "the proceeds", como si fueron transferido con el toque de un campesino, etc.
  3. tonguingaround Banned

    Spanish Argentina
    Muchas Gracias

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