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In the context of IT, 分布 is used for the verb to distribute. If I want to express distributed, e.g. show distributed files, I believe I can use
1 分布的文件 though the particle may be omitted, especially as 显示, a verb, is followed by the expression.
2 已分布的文件 which is strictly speaking the past participle, but search results discourage this combination.
3 分布式的文件 though the particle may be omitted according to search results.

Why 分布*式*? If I try the same combination with 添加, it is not used, rather versions 1 and 2.
  • asaisaio

    分布式文件 means "the files that are stored in multiple places", and this is a term which has been named in Computer Science. 式 means "the way the files are stored", and 分布式 means "the way the files are stored is 分布". 式(方式) in Chinese means "the way something is done". If you use “添加”, you still should use “分布式”——“添加一个新的分布式文件”. 已分布的文件 means the files have been distributed. However, in this context, the author want to emphasize that "the way the files are stored is..."
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