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Discussion in '日本語 (Japanese)' started by Jeraru, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. Jeraru Member

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    Hello. My problem is that although my computer can show most of the Japanese text of the internet, there are a few pages in which the Japanese text is encrypted (like that one). Can anyone recommend me an exhaustive program to show Japanese text completely?

    Thank you
  2. blutorange2 Member

    It is not encrypted, it simply doesn't show correctly. (sometimes called mojibake
    The page you posted uses the EUC-JP encoding ( The problem is most likely that you're browser is not using the correct encoding, consult the help of the browser you're using for instructions how to change the encoding. Eg for firefox, you would: View -> Character Encoding -> More Encodings -> East Asian -> Japanese (EUC-JP)

    Also, make sure you've got a font that supports CJK. (You probably do, however, as most Japanese pages seem to work for you.)

    For reference, here is what's on that page, in UTF-8:
  3. Jeraru Member

    España, español y catalán
    I thank you very much and belatedly for your help. For some reason I forgot the existence of that thread but my problem still persists. I have configured my firefox encoding with all of the Japanese, Chinese and Unicode options and I cannot see some Japanese websites (like the one on my first message). Could someone tell me another way to solve that issue?
  4. blutorange2 Member

    The only way to resolve your issue is to set the correct encoding, or use a program that does this automatically. Just to make sure, you've already tried the following?

    1) open this site in firefox
    2) the text won't show up correctly (as the current encoding is set to western or some other wrong encoding)
    3) select "euc-jp" as the encoding, look here: [​IMG]
    If it still doesn't show up correctly, I'd say you've got no Japanese font installed on your system, but works for you?
    If you're unsure about the encoding, you can tell firefox to figure out the correct encoding automatically, look here: [​IMG]

    You may have to repeat this for every website you visit, but any modern site should tell tell the browser their encoding, by placing
    <meta charset="UTF-8" />
    <meta charset="EUC-JP" />
    &c. in the html header. The page you're having troubles with doesn't do it.
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  5. Jeraru Member

    España, español y catalán
    Thanks again for your aid but unfortunately it doesn't work in my case. I can see the majority of the Japanese text on the internet (including Japanese wikipedia); there is just little portion of sites that are with mojibake from my PC. I have followed all your instructions except the last one of auto-detect, because after a considerable research I found out that my version of firefox doesn't have that option (I think that is the last version, but I'm pretty noob and I can't tell you precisely). If there is no more options could you please tell me what version of firefox is the one used in the last image you showed?
  6. Flaminius

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    Let your browser know that the encoding is EUC-JP.

    Sorry that was perhaps what you have been trying in vain.
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  7. blutorange2 Member

    You mean, after you clicked on the correct encoding, the page still didn't show up properly? Strange...
    Hmm, Computer-related problems are pretty hard to resolve from afar... I'm using the latest version of firefox, but it's worked for me with all earlier versions I used. As long as you're choosing the correct encoding, you don't the automatic feature. To find out whether the problem is with your OS or firefox, have you tried another browser (and setting the encoding manually there as well)?
  8. Jeraru Member

    España, español y catalán
    I have tried with the Internet Explorer and it works perfectly. It is very shameful that I have not tried this before but nevertheless I am very grateful for your help.

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