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Hello friends!

How can I say: Show me the way to help you/ Tell me how can I help you.

with my low-level of japanese I just can say: XX kun ni tasuketai kara tasukeru koto wo oshiete kudasai...but I assume is a very low-quality way to say it...

Can you help me?
thanks a lot
  • 私に何かできることがあれば教えて下さい。
    Watashi ni nani ka dekirukoto ga areba oshiete kudasai.
    If there's anything I can do for you, please let me know.

    Watashi ni nani ka otetsudai dekirukoto ga areba oshiete kudasai.
    If I can help you in any way, please let me know.
    Here is my idea;
    dōsureba xxx-o tasukerareru-noka oshiete kudasai.
    where xxx is the way you address the hearer; daisuke, daisuke-kun, dai-chan etc.

    Literally it is this. ;)
    If I do how, I can help xxx, please tell me.
    Etudian thank you for your options, oh Flam, thank you so much, I think your option suits perfectly what I want to say, because I already know he wantes me to help him, because he had say it before, but I don´t know the way I can help him...

    Thank you both!! :)

    Cheshire cat?
    :D thank you for your dialog it makes clearer the whole deal...
    Now I know where I can use each type of question :)