show up with a tag for some disturbance

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She logged into her father’s private uplink, clicked on the archive labeled human. The screen filled with thousands of thumbnails, each with a name and date. Freddie wasn’t like the other kids at Colton Academy, and maybe she wasn’t the only one who’d noticed. She typed his name into the search bar, half hoping his face would show up with a tag for some disturbance, even just an anomaly, but—nothing.

Source: This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab
Context: Her father's private link is a database, more powerful than any other search engines she has used.

What does it mean "show up with a tag for some disturbance" here?
(She thought there would be an upset/distracted face showing up on the screen.) Is my interpretation correct?

Many thanks!
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    She's half-hoping that there's some kind of prior record, associated with his name, connecting him with a disturbance of some kind. The exact nature of the "tag" wouldn't be clear without reading the story, which I gather is science fiction.
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