shred sticks


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j'aurais besoin de traduire l'expression suivante "shred sticks".
Le contexte est un article sur le matériel de snowboard (The new website proudly showcases our new 08/09 collection of shred sticks as well as our hand crafted environmentally friendly soft goods.)

Merci de votre aide.
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    I think you're right. I'm used to hearing "shredding" for a wailing, unbelievably fast guitar solo... but it appears to be extended to snowboarding here. I grew up on the prairies, so my snowboarding experience is limited, but I've heard "carving" before. "Shredding" isn't that big a jump from that.


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    Thanks, but I also understood the general meaning of "shred sticks".
    I don't think that snowboard is the right word because this word is humorless.
    Anyway, thanks again.....
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