shrunk body weight

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I can't translate this expression 'shrunk body weight', it's taken from a science article. I've tryed with 'riduzione del peso corporeo'. Is it correct?

Thank you.
  • That is the usual meaning, but a full sentence would help us confirm.

    Ok, this is the complete sentence:

    "Requirements for growth are calculated using body weight, shrunk weight gain, body
    composition, and relative body size. Accurate prediction of daily gain that can be expected for the
    metabolizble energy and protein consumed depends on accurate prediction of energy required for
    maintenance and composition of gain, which is related to proportion of mature weight at a particular
    weight (Fox et al., 1992; Tylutki et al., 1994). A size scaling system is used to adjust shrunk body
    weight (SBW) to a weight equivalent to a standard reference animal at the same stage of growth."



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    OK, SBW is a specific scientific term normally used for cattle that is intended to be the body weight without the last meal, so very often the full body weight is multiplied by 0.96 to obtain the shrunk body weight.

    We can'ttranslate this without knowing what the very specific term used for cattle in Italian would be.
    Thanks Alabama boy! We can translate cattle with 'bestiame'. But now that I see that you're so specialised I'd like to ask you other two questions. What do 'equivalent empty body weight' and 'empty body gain' mean?

    Here you find a sentence with some of these terms:
    'Equivalent empty body weight (EQEBW) is 0.891 x EQSBW and empty body gain (EBG) is
    0.956 × shrunk body gain (SBG).'


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    I checked the Italian Journal of Animal Science which has just become available online, but unfortunately, most of the articles are written in English. I don't have the specialized dictionaries that would be needed. I am sorry. All of the non-English citations seem to be in Spanish. Argh! I wish I could help.