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  • Loob

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    Hello, Elías, and welcome to the forums:)

    Can you tell us where you found the word?


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    Hi Elias,

    Welcome to the forums. :)

    Please give us some context. Have you heard it or did you make it up? In what situation? Please give a sample sentence so we can know what you mean.

    The rest of us- please wait for more context.


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    Yes, shuddering does exist.

    However, I have never heard "shud" as a verb, Nor have I heard shuddering used as a transitive verb, that is, used to mean "to cause someone to shudder" which seems to be what is intended here.

    But you might say something like: the point of causing the entire Costa Rican population to shudder.


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    This thread seems to have been based on a misspelled word in a translation. Shudding does not exist as an English word.

    Thread closed.
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