shunt + expandable ???

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Hi everyone,
I'm encoutering some problems translating this sentence, from a boof on public policies and housing : I don't understand the construction of the first part of the sentence ("as...expandable"): I have the strong impression that there is a contradiction between the fact that they are shunt and their electoral expansion...
Any good samaritan with inspiration ?
Thanks in advance !

"As urban machines and local parties were shunted from national politics and became electorally expandable, the system of intergovernmental grants that had cushioned the hardships of the urban poors across political boundaries was dismantled."
  • Kelly B

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    Shunted is pushed aside, and I think expandable is a typo for expendable, soit sacrifiable.

    Machines, by the way, probably refers to the fixed expression "political machine" rather than literal ones.

    A rough attempt:
    Lorsque les organisations et partis étaient mises à coté de la politique nationale et leurs voix sont devenues sacrifiables, le system d'allocations intergouvernementales qui a allegé les difficultés des pauvres urbains... était rasé.
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