1. Lyla Senior Member

    España / Español
    ¿Qué significa shut down en el contexto de una persona enferma? Por ejemplo, si hablan dos personas acerca de una tercera que está enferma y no quiere comer, sólo dormir.

    "His body's shutting down, isn't it?"
  2. miss jaq Member

    USA English
    Shutting down = dying

    It's a term usually used when someone is so sick that various organs are giving up within the body. For example, if a man is in the hospital for heart problems, and other organs start to to fail as a result, it could be said that his body is shutting down. So even if his heart is fixed, there is a loosing race to fix the liver, kidneys, and other organs which began to fail as a result of the initial problem.

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