shut the front door

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  1. Cylon86 Senior Member

    Dear all,

    Have any of you ever eared this expression? What does it means?

    A friend (he's american) answer to my text starting with "shut the front door" after I told him a good news. I suppose it is something like he has no word to express his happiness (looking at the rest of the message, he seems happy :) ) but it is a surprising and unexpected experssion!

    Any help to understand what it means precisely would be great!

  2. perpend

    perpend Banned

    American English
    There's a saying in American English (maybe BE too): Shut the fuck up!

    It's odd, but it's a positive statement, meaning: Wow, that's incredible.

    To write around the F-word, there is a saying: Shut the front door!

    It also means: Wow, that's great/incredible!

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