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a shutter is (in the figurative meaning) a cover to protect either security or privacy, I would like to suggest a possible translation into French: mettre sous l'éteignoir

I found the expression : the shuttering of a right-wing website (in today's Guardian, January 12th), but Word Refernce does not suggest a translation into French. So maybe, that could be translated by: la mise sous l'éteignoir etc...
What's your opinion on this?
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    There is the idea of "entrer en clandestinité", however it does not seem fit for a website ?
    "Mettre sous l'éteignoir" would be appropriate for "shutdown", whereas I have doubts when it comes to "shuttering".
    One could also think of "mettre sous le boisseau"


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    I think we need the English base team to create a new sense for “shutter” as a verb with the meaning of “to close down, to stop operations.” 🤔 @DrD, what do you think?

    Here is a thread in the French-English Vocabulary forum: to shutter.


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    Thanks for your messages. We do have a verb entry for shutter, but only for the literal meaning. I've added a figurative meaning, which will be included in future translation projects. Once translated into the various languages, it will appear the next time the dictionaries are updated.