si è primi a fare qualcosa

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    Would the following sentence:

    In val Venosta si è primi in Europa a creare questo percorso qualità.

    mean the same thing if I changed "si è primi" in "sono":

    In val Venosta sono in Europa a creare questo percorso qualità.

    What's the difference between "essersi" and "essere"? I'm also confused by the fact that "è" is singular, but "primi" plural.
  2. Anja.Ann

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    Ciao, Dobry :)

    In your sentence you should change "si è primi" in "siamo primi": the verb is not "essersi", but "essere" in its impersonal construction with the pronoun "si".
    The pronoun "si" can be either "passive" or "impersonal": there is a thread in the Only Italian forum, “La particella si”, and I suggest you read post # 3 for a perfectly clear explanation that includes the use of the third person singular and third person plural too.
    You can also have a look here "Italian Language - Impersonal si". :)

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