Si el tiempo me permite

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Vinny Ribeiro

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Português & English
Hey guys,

I'm a little unsure about whether this expression is literally translated into english (as well as the other languages I'm having a go at).

The expression is "se o tempo me permitir (-me)", "si el tiempo me permite", "si le temps me permet".

The only one I'm 100% positive about is portuguese. I was hoping I could get some suggestions in the english, spanish, and French.

Thanks a lot, guys.
  • Vinny Ribeiro

    Senior Member
    Português & English
    Sorry Canal Girl, I didn't make myself clear.

    I don't mean tiempo as in Weather, but as in time...

    Ex: Time allowing, I'll sure pay you a visit... (If that makes sense I guess your suggestion already helped me! ^^)

    But what about "If time allows, ... ? which of the two would be used (more often)?

    Thank you


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    U.S.A- English
    Time allowing or
    If time allows it.

    Both work for me. Also, you can use the verb to permit.
    I agree with Hieroglyphic.

    Except that I prefer

    Time permitting.
    If time permits.
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