si il y a / s'il y a

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  1. mandinka New Member

    canada, english
    i would appreciate some help. in what circumstances is the form "si il y a" appropriate, and when would i use "s'il y a" ? i've been trying to learn french for 20 years now, and still haven't figured this one out!!

    thanks for your help.
  2. hoshiko Senior Member

    Tolosa/Toulouse - Occitan/Catalan/Français
    To me, it should always be "s'il y a" (it sounds better), but both are grammatically correct.
    I'd say "s'il y a" sounds more "upper-class" and "si il y a" more "the way everybody speaks everyday.
    This apply to any other situation: "s'il a mangé"/"si il a mangé", "s'il a fait beau"/"si il a fait beau"...
  3. mandinka New Member

    canada, english
    merci beaucoup! je croyais qu'il y avait une différence entre les deux. j'ai appris encore qqch aujourd'hui! :)
  4. Karlchen New Member

    Old thread, but may ask a follow-up question: Is "s'il y a" pronounced sil-i-ya, sil-ya, si-i-ya, si-ya, sya or something else? Or are there stylistic differences?
  5. Lly4n4 Senior Member

    Paris (ex-Grand Ouest)
    Français (France)
    Normalement, on prononce "sil-i-ya" ; c'est du discours plutôt lent. On dit aussi très couramment "sil-ya".
    "si-i-ya" / "si-ya" sont du langage très relâché. "Si y a des embrouilles, tu dégages vite fait."
  6. Karlchen New Member

    Merci !....

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