Si la campana no repica, es porque no tiene badajo +...

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  1. metalgirl14 New Member

    USA (English)
    What do these words or phrases mean in English (or a Spanish equivalent)? (The accents are after the letter they should be on):

    "gueso" (two dots over the u)
    " ajuarie' "
    "Si la campana no repica es porque no tiene badajo."
    "con una mano adelante y otra atra's"
    "que' diablos me va o me viene"
    "malorio' "
    "la truje"
    "mujeres de a rato"
    "uste' me nacio' "
    "Ya estabas bien largo"
    "guevos" (two dots over the u)
    "encampano' "
    "zarandio' "
    "pal otro lado"
    "te dejo a que revientes"
    Sorry there's so many, we need to write definitions for these and the teacher said that they're not in any Spanish-English dictionary.
  2. Edher

    Edher Senior Member

    Cd. de México, Spanish & English
    Those are the ones that I know.

  3. ~PiCHi~

    ~PiCHi~ Senior Member

    Mexico (Spanish)
    I know only SOME of them:

    "hacen cola" = make a queue
    " ajuarie' " = dress up
    "Si la campana no repica es porque no tiene badajo."
    "averi'guatelas como puedas" = Figure it out as you can
    "con una mano adelante y otra atra's" = A hand in front and a hand behind
    "que' diablos me va o me viene" = I don't care
    "malorio' " = Bad
    "la truje"
    "mujeres de a rato" = Once in a while women
    "contima's" =
    "uste' me nacio' " =
    "Ya estabas bien largo" = You were very long
    "guevos" (two dots over the u) = Eggs.. it's used as a bad word actually
    "restie'gate" =
    "arrejunto" = join
    "contrata" = Hire
    "encandilaban" = Too much light that blinds
    "encampano' " =
    "ma'useres" = Mouths, refering to, wow again.
    "friegas" = when you work too much
    "zarandio' " =
    "manco" = Handless
    "clarearon" =
    "pal otro lado" = To the other side
    "pa'catelas" = WOW!
    "te dejo a que revientes" =
    "creido" =
    "tarugo" = Stupid
    "renegado" = Renegade

    hope it helps
  4. DaBeast Member

    Catalunya - Catalan
    Hi Metalgirl,

    I help you a few...I don't know some words or phrases (and I'm spanish!!!), it could be in any south american language...

    "gueso" -> bone
    "hacen cola" -> They're queueing
    " ajuarie' " -> ? Ajuar -> Trousseau
    "Si la campana no repica es porque no tiene badajo." -> If the Bell don't peal is because don't have (the stick that makes pealing)
    "averi'guatelas como puedas" -> ascertain it as you can
    "con una mano adelante y otra atra's" -> with one hand in front and the other behind -> without nothing
    "que' diablos me va o me viene" -> What the hell concerns me?
    "malorio' " -> bad thing
    "la truje" -> ?
    "coyuntar" -> join
    "mujeres de a rato" -> ? a moment girls? -> ¿bitches?
    "contima's" -> ?
    "uste' me nacio' " -> You born me -> You're my mother ¿?
    "Ya estabas bien largo" -> ?
    "guevos" (two dots over the u) -> Ur 'balls'
    "restie'gate" -> scrub
    "arrejunto" -> to live with one's partner without be married
    "contrata" -> contract
    "encandilaban" -> fascinate him
    "encampano' " -> ?
    "ma'useres" -> ?
    "friegas" -> you wash it
    "zarandio' " -> Shake him
    "manco" -> one-armed
    "clarearon" -> he/she mades thin
    "pal otro lado" -> to the other side
    "pa'catelas" -> ?
    "te dejo a que revientes" -> I let you to explode
    "creido" -> show-off
    "tarugo" -> blockhead
    "renegado" -> renegade

  5. cuchuflete

    cuchuflete Senior Member

    Maine, EEUU
    Hello Metagirl,
    Welcome to the forums!

    I'm curious about the origin of these words and phrases. Are they from a book you are reading? It always helps to give a little context.

    Clearly, from the quick answers you have received, your teacher is wrong. Many, but not all of these words, are in our dictionary.

  6. Javier-Vega Senior Member

    Mexico espanol
    Most of those words are mexican slang I think.

    "merito" == normally is used as "ya merito" or "ya mero" meaning "soon" or "in a little while"

    "gueso" (two dots over the u)== it is derived from "hueso"(bone) but its meaning in slang is "a position in political administration or a job obtained by influences of friends or the like"

    "malorio' "== "me hizo algo malo" (he did something bad to me)

    "arrejunto"== "arrejuntar" means "to be living in sin (a woman and a man not married)"
  7. Javier-Vega Senior Member

    Mexico espanol
    "arrejunto"== it has another meaning. "Arrejuntate mas, mamacita" (come closer babe, hug me, etc)

    "contrata"== this isn't slang I think. "contratar"=="to hire"

    "zarandio' "=="zarandear" means "to shake"

    "pal otro lado"=="para el otro lado" (to the other side). In many contexts "Irse pal otro lado" means "to migrate or to travel to the US from Mexico"

    "pa'catelas"== this is just an expression of surprise

    "creido"== snob, arrogant, presumptuous

  8. MexicanStrawberry Member

    English - UK

    I know this thread is over three years old, but in case anyone reads this as I just have and was wondering where all the expressions are from, I have just stumbled across the answer...

    They are all taken from the the short story "Paso de Norte" from Juan Rulfo's book "El Llano en Llamas". The vocabulary is probably mainly Mexican slang from the Jalisco area, as this is where the author is from and the book is set. The version published by Ediciones Cátedra adds footnotes giving the meaning of some of the words.

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