Si le promeneur attardé lève ses regards vers le ciel, it découvre de tous côté d'innombrables étoiles

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    "Si le promeneur attardé lève ses regards vers le ciel, it découvre de tous côté d'innombrables étoiles."
    "If a stroller looks up the sky, he will see the sky cover with countless stars from every direction."
    Could you help me with "attardé". I don't know how to do with it. :)
  2. carolineR

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    Indian Ocean
    a lingering stroller ?
  3. cropje_jnr

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    My take :) :

    If a lingering stroller raises his eyes to the sky, he will discover countless stars all around him/her.
  4. David

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  5. wildan1

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    I think in this context (at least the amount of context one can get from this short sentence) I would suggest evening used as an adjective. A few other points in red to fix up your sentence as well:

    "If an evening stroller looks up in the sky, he or she will see it covered with countless stars from in every direction."

    stroller also means poussette (pour bébé) in AE, so I might change the syntax a bit to avoid the possible confusion and to get rid of the awkward he/she wording:

    If people out for an evening stroll look up in the sky, they will see it covered....
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