Si nuestro presupuesto lo permite


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Hi !!!

Could you help me translating this sentence, please?

"Si el presupuesto lo permite y hay suficientes alumnos inscritos, se puede organizar un viaje de fin de semana a Londres o a cualquier otra ciudad anglosajona".

Because I don't think it's right if we translate it literary "if the budget allows us..."


  • "If the budget allows..." (without "us") would make perfect sense. If you want to use a pronoun it would also be correct to say "If the budget allows it..." but the pronoun is not absolutely necessary. "If the budget allows" is a common expression.
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    Hi ASTERRR and welcome to the forums,
    I agree with Charles. You could also say 'If our budget allows...'
    I thought I'd have a go with your whole sentence (and of course recommend Reading for a fantanstic British visit experience :D :D :D - greetings from Reading)
    If our budget allows and there are enough students interested, we can organise a weekend trip to London or another British city.
    Saludos desde Reading (me gusta en realidad, pero no tanto como Barcelona ;))
    Philippa :)