Si peu que se soit

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    I was wondering if someone could help me translate "si peu que se soit"...I would say something similar to "the very little that it may be" or if I try to use translators it says "if the little that it is."

    Here's an example of the sentence,"Pire, le Premier Ministre a perdu en cours de route beaucoup de ses alliés et s'est avéré incapable, voire inapte à réaliser si peu que se soit."

    Many thanks in advance to anyone who could help me with this one!
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    Well, as far as I know ( and I am by no means an expert) see means if, as in "in the case of", I don't know if that will help:)

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    :) Welcome to the forum, tip_1371! I would like to suggest: ...or even to accomplish any little thing at all. Let's see what the others think. Bonne chance!
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    Thank you so much! I thought it was supposed to be "ce" instead of "se" as well. This helped tremendously. This is my first time posting and this is such a great service to have! Thanks again!

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