si pronuncia con la "e" aperta

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    Ciao a tutti,

    Ho difficoltà a tradurre la seguente frase: "Questa parola -------si pronuncia con la "e" aperta."

    In altre parole come si traduce "si pronuncia con la "e" aperta?"
    Io ho provato con "The accent is pronounced on the vowel -e" ma non sono convinto.

    Grazie in anticipo per le vostre risposte!

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    Ciao Leonardo94, the "e" aperta has nothing to do with accent/stress. It's a phonetic property of the vowel. Here's one thread that may help
    La lettera "e" aperta e chiusa

    To translate it, we usually just say "open e" and "closed e." (I'll admit that after almost 10 years of studying Italian, I still have a hard time hearing the difference!!) :D
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    Responding to TheCrociato91 (post #6) - thank you! I suppose "close vowel" is something else I should have known all these years (it's been a long time since I studied phonetics, but I remember very clearly that in our classes everyone said "closed" - students and professors!) Thanks for putting me back on the right track. I also see in the Wikipedia entry that it's pronounced with a final /s/ sound, as "close" (opposite of "far") which means that translating it as "chiuso" is also completely wrong. :eek: It should be "vicina" - Ha! what a mess!
    Thanks anyway, I always enjoy learning something new.
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    This thread is about the translation of " "si pronuncia con la "e" aperta", in English, not on pronunciation.
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