si quis enim considerat quae intra nares

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    I have to ask for your help another time, as I'm not sure at all about the translation of the following fragment from the Collationes of Odo of Cluny: Si quis enim considerat quae intra nares et intra faces et quae intra ventrem lateant, sordes ubique reperiet. Et si nec extremis digitis flegma vel stercus tangere patimur, quomodo ipsum stercoris saccus amplecti desideramus. All I could come up with is the following translation:"For what notices one hiding in nostrils and in the throat and in the womb, one discovers filth everywhere. And if not even the tips of the fingers bear to touch the phlegm or the filth, how do we wish to embrace this very sac of filth“.

    Thanks a lot
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    Si quis: if somebody
    enim: padding
    considerat: considers
    quae intra.... lateant: what is hidden inside nostrils and throat and gut
    sordes ubique reperiet: he will find filth everywhere.
    Et si nec extremis digitis: and, if not even with our fingertips
    flegma vel stercus tangere patimur: we can bear to touch phlegm or shit,
    quomodo ipsum stercoris saccum amplecti desideramus?: how do we wish to hug the bag of shit itself?
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    Indeed, there is quite a difference.

    Thousand thanks

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