Si vos vere postulo minim veniam.

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    I'm a semi-pro translator and I'm translating a phrase for a friend which I'm having a lot of trouble making sense of. I really don't understand why everything is in first person.

    Phrase in full:

    Si vos vere postulo impetro in BETA mox NORWAY ad minim veniam. Sciam si vestrae res et faciam te in BETA possim. April 9 Si ad res, in prima acie, simul te BETA.

    My attempt:
    If you truly need it in BETA I will come to Norway as soon as possible.
    I know your business and I may be able to make it in BETA for you.
    9th April, for your business, BETA and you together on the front line.

    Any help/input much appreciated!

    Kind regards,

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    Why does the first person surprise you? Who wrote it, and what is the relationship between the person who wrote it and the person they sent it to?

    (I am not familiar with modern Latin, but I think there may be an error or two.)
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    The Latin does not make sense. It is evidently a message: hence it may be that two people are communicating in their own private bastardised version of Latin.
    Any translation would only be invention, I am afraid.

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