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Hi, the sentences below belong to my own text:

In October 2013, XYZ (= company name) was reported by the US NGO Environmental Investigation Agency to knowingly purchase timber originating from protected oak forests in RFE which provide a habitat to Siberian tigers. The tigers have been classified as endangered in the Red List of Threatened Species by the World Conservation Union, and the Mongolian oak is protected under the UN Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

Can I write 'the tigers' (in bold) meaning 'Siberian tigers'? or maybe the version below would be better?

The species has been classified...
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    I think the original ("the tigers") is OK. You could also write, "These tigers" just to reduce ambiguity, but it's not totally necessary. The/this species works as well.


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    The tigers means "tigers I have just mentioned". That is what the always means.

    Since the words "Siberian tigers" is immediately before The in this paragraph (rather than 50 words earlier), it is very clear exactly which The tigers is being talked about. So in this case, no change would make it clearer.

    But it's a very good thing for yout to be concerned about. It is common to see paragraphs where a the reference is not clear.
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