sich verabreden / sich treffen mit

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    What is the difference between 'sich verabreden mit' and 'sich treffen mit'. When shall I use one or the other?

    Danke schön!
  2. kayokid

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    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    My understanding is that 'sich verabreden mit' = to have an appointment with/citarse con and 'sich treffen mit' = to meet (either by chance or through some sort of plan)/encontrarse con

    Wait for confirmation from a native speaker.
  3. Demiurg

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    sich verabreden mit X = to make an (informal) appointment with X
    sich treffen mit X = to meet X (after the appointment is made) / to meet up with X
  4. AlumnoAplicado New Member

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    Thanks so much for your help!! that was useful ;-)

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