Sicilian: Sesame Seed Candy


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Hello there,
I need some help with translation. My father used to make a sesame seed candy at Christmas. Other ingredients are honey & almonds. Growing up, it was called Gigulena??? Jijulena??? I would love to know the proper spelling for this candy.
Merry Christmas and thank you for the help.
  • Hi Cshaw,

    Proper spelling -- that's a tough one. I've eaten this in Sicily at Christmas several times, and I think it's giurgiulena, but it being from Sicilian, I'm not positive on the spelling.

    Edit: Google gives several recipes with that spelling:,GGLJ:2006-49,GGLJ:en&q=giurgiulena, so I guess that's one way to go, although it being Sicilian I would be very unsurprised if there were variants.
    Elaine G.
    Thank you so much. I was so far off on the spelling. My husband is attempting a batch of it right now for our Pre-Christmas dinner tomorrow. I googled it and the spelling was definitelly correct. Too bad most of the recipes were in Italian and I can't translate. I have an old recipe from my father who passed away, so we are "winging" it.
    Thanks again,
    Ok I know this because I am crazy for that candy and when my Sicilian friends go back home I always tell them to bring some to me!
    It's called "GIUGGIULENA", "GHIUGGHIULENA" or "GIURGIULENA" accordong to the part of Sicily where it's made.
    The name of the candy comes from the Arab word for Sesame and now I badly want some!!!! LOL