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<blush> I am a writer and I need to know how to say, 'You need a spanking' or 'you're begging for a spanking' in sicilian.

My mother-in-law will say 'tampanada' (sp) for spanking, but I'm not sure if this is the proper spelling.

Is tampanada or tompanada used?

Thanks for your help.
  • My parents used "timpulata" (slightly different to "timpuluna") to mean "a slap" (they were from the province of Messina) and "'na manciata di corpa" for "a spanking".

    Ti meriti 'na manciata di corpa! (You deserve a spanking!)

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    In Palermo we would also say: 'na fracchiata di lignati!
    Yup! Depends what means they were using to spank. lol. Lignati was a very popular one for spanking in our home and was the regular/general word used for a beating/spanking. Sometimes, probably from the olden-day practices (though I never saw it used), 'na bastunata was also possible. Templulata, tempulune, gargiata, were also sometimes used. Tempulata was more like a beating or smack, tempulune a hard slap and gargiata a slap on the cheak.