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be sick vi + adjmainly UK (vomit) (vomitando)mal adj
Jane is being sick again. She should not have eaten all those cakes.
Jane está ficando mal de novo. Ela não devia ter comido todos aqueles bolos.

Since this sense is really about vomiting, simply add "vomitar" as a Dterm?
be sick
to vomit:
She was sick after she ate too much chocolate.

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be sick
2 British Vomit.
‘the baby was sick all over my silk shirt
‘If the person has been sick, then bring a sample of the vomit too - medical staff can analyse the vomit for important information.
‘Remember to allow extra time in your schedule for last minute disasters such as your baby filling his nappy / being sick on your work clothes.’
  • Carfer

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    Thanks. Does "passar mal" imply that someone is actually vomiting?
    Not in Portugal. 'Passar mal' in our variant means 'to have a hard time', economically or healthwise.
    'Ficar mal' (it's not the same as 'passar mal') usually refers to the transition to a worse condition, so, in a way, it may be said of someone who is vomiting or falling ill.


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    'Indisposto' can also be added to PT-PT too. It's not infrequent at all, although less frequent than 'maldisposto'.
    Adding to my previous post, I forgot mentioning 'sentir-se mal,' which, in that sense, is the equivalent euphemism in Portugal to the Brazilian 'ficar mal'.