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When she told him how much it was, he went sickly pale and gulped very hard.
The above are the excerpts from my son's reading book.
What is the grammatical form and function of "sickly" and pale here?
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    "Went" here means "became."
    Pale is an adjective describing the man (or the man's face), and sickly is an adverb describing pale.

    "Sickly" can also be an adjective, which means frequently ill. But that's not the usage here.

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    Does "gulp" mean swallow quickly?
    Yes. In that sentence, it refers to the idea that he swallowed nothing more than a little bit of saliva. In another sentence, it could easily refer to the idea of swallowing a lot of liquid from a huge Big Gulp container purchased at the local 7-11 convenience store.
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