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    I am finding the word psychosocial translated as both 'sicosocial', leaving off that Greek 'p' at the beginning, and 'psicosocial', retaining the Greek 'p'. Which spelling do you prefer in a medical text?

    Here's a sentence from the text I am proofing: "Se ha demostrado que el estrés psicosocial/sicosocial también aumenta el estrés oxidativo.

    I'm used to seeing words like 'sicología' spelled without the 'p', but wanted to check. The Royal Academy's dictionary gives both spellings. The book is for lay people, not medical professionals, and we need to keep it as simple and understandable as possible. Which would people understand better?

    Thank you for your help.
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    An authority here told me today that it is a more modern way of spelling those words. The link is very interesting.
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    I much prefer psicología with the p, just a personal preference! In most literature that I have read it is spelled that way.
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    I have just spoken with a department head at our university, and she agrees with another authority here that it would be easier for the general public to read without the p. This book must be very accessible to the people not so familiar with medical terms.

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