siento no haberte contestado...

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  1. mjcm78 Member

    could someone help me?

    into english, please.

    Siento no haberte contestados antes es que estaba trabajando.

  2. Lluna1977 Senior Member

    Catalan / Spanish
    I would say: Sorry for not answering before, I was working.
    Hope it helps.
  3. srsh Senior Member

    Monterrey, México
    Mexico, Español
    "sorry i didnt answer sooner, i was working"
  4. juortgon Senior Member

    Brisbane, Australia
    Chile - Spanish
    suena como que se lo estas diciendo a un amigo..

    I'm sorry not answering in that moment... I was working.. It sound better
  5. srsh Senior Member

    Monterrey, México
    Mexico, Español
    well yes, it depends on who are you speaking with =)
  6. Terry Mount Senior Member

    U S A
    I apologize for not answering earlier, but I was working.

    I'm sorry I didn't answer sooner, but I was working.

    entre otras posibilidades.

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