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Hello all
Here is the scenario, my friend asks me to go out shopping from the mall which offers a 3-day sale at 50% discount and today is the 3rd day so I suggest my friend we shouldn't go because it's the 3rd day of sale (last day of sale) and "the customers have probably sifted through all the stock" (they have bought all the good stuff and none of the good pieces of stuff might be left).

in this context, is it fine to say:
"the customers have probably sifted through all the stock"
"the customers have probably filtered the stock"
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    Neither work as they do not indicate that any of the stock was purchased, simply that it's been looked through. I would suggest "all the good stuff will have gone (by now)"


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    You might say, using a different idiom, that all their stock "has been picked over," meaning that all the best merchandise has already been taken, that all the best "picks" are gone.
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