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Hello! I am an English teacher and my students wrote an essay on a special holiday experience. One girl wrote:

We went swimming and just enjoyed the holidays at the beach. But we also went sightseeing with a hire car.

I don't think the preposition is correct. It sounds as if the hire car accompanied her. However, I find it hard to change it into a better version. After a quick Google search I found the phrase sightseeing by hire car on some British websites, but the Google hits are extremely few so that I don't know whether I can rely on them or not.
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    I think it's "sightseeing" that's throwing off your search. Try searching "by hire car" and you'll see that it's pretty common for traveling, exploring and getting around.

    So I agree with your "sightseeing by hire car" .... or "But we also hired a car and went sightseeing," but that's more rewriting. :)


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    True ... in my rewrite, I should have said, "But we also rented a car and went sightseeing," at which point I would have been guilty of mixing BE and AE expressions. :eek:
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