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I am curious about something. I needed to tell a patient that they needed to sign a waiver with regard to their insurance. We at the clinic didn't know if her insurance would cover the cost of the visit. so, she needed to sign a document stating that she would be responsible for the cost if her insurance didn't cover it.

In Portuguese is it "renúncia de um direito"? Ela precisava assinar uma "renúncia de um direito".

I ask because I didn't use that term. I just said, "você vai ter que assinar um documento que diz que você vai pagar o custo caso seu plano de saúde não cubra."

However, I am thinking I could have just used the other term and saved time and my breath.

Thank you
  • Carfer

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    That document is a 'termo de responsabilidade'. You did the right thing though. Who knows if the pacient would interpret 'termo de responsabilidade' correctly?
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