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I need to know the difference between Sign in & Sign on .......... and between Log in & Log on
please explain with some example .

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    Hi m-Learner :),
    It would be better if you provide your answers for this question and ask the clarifications what you had in your mind.

    This would be helpful for our forum speakers to give suggestions for your clarifications..

    Please look at the previous related threads also for the reference. - log in & Sign in (Searched it in our forum dictionary & got these threads)
    PS Note: Its my kind suggestion to learnt more by asking clarifications :)


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    Hello m-learner.

    It's true that we can be more helpful if you tell us more about why you are asking the question. We also usually ask for example sentences for context.

    Here are some earlier threads that may help answer you questions.
    log on - log in
    log on vs log in

    sign-on (computer)
    Log in/Sign in [AE/BE difference?]
    sign in / log in

    If you have a question about any one of these threads, you are welcome to add it to the end.

    If you wonder about how these terms are used in a particular sentence, you are welcome to start another thread to ask about it. :)

    I will close this thread.

    Cagey, moderator.
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