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If A shall help B to find a place to study English (training school, university, college, etc.), is it Ok to say "A shall help B to sign up for an English course or English study program?

Thank you in advance!
  • suzi br

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    For a start we'd say "A will help B ... " The other bit depends on the nature of the study proposed. They both sound OK, although obviously you are favouring Amercan spelling and I think the phrase "study program" sounds more American than English to me.


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    I'd say it depends on what the school or college calls it, but I would imagine English course is more common.

    (More natural would be 'A will help B', or A is going to help B')


    Hermione Golightly

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    'English course' sounds rather like a language learning course to me. By 'English studies' I imagine a variety of topics maybe culture, history and politics, with or without language. Or it might simply be a fancy way of saying a language course.

    (You need a present tense instead of that first 'shall'. If 'somebody is helping' or, if 'somebody helps'. I see that I disagree with some others about using 'will'. Anyway, it is off-topic.)
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