signer un chèque en blanc

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    I know there are other threads with this problem on, but they're not in the same context as mine unfortunately!
    The text is about holiday camps and saying that parents want the best for their children.
    The part I'm stuck on is:

    'Mais, surtout, ils ont d'autres projets pour leurs enfants que de leur signer un chèque en blanc.'

    So far I have got:
    'But, above all, they have other projects for their children that they will pay anything for'.
  2. Uncle Bob Senior Member

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    Sorry, but I think your translation say the contrary of the original.
    'd'autres projets...que" = other projects ... than
    They have other projects for their children than (just) signing them a blank cheque.
  3. arnef Senior Member

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    Hello Hannahc

    In fact, in this case, it's a metaphor: they have other projects than promise something they never do because with a blank cheque, you promise money you will never pay.
  4. Ellea1

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    I thought you can write whatever amount of money on a blank. It doesn't mean it won't be paid.

    I think that means the parents have other projects than giving the children all they want.
  5. Moon Palace

    Moon Palace Senior Member

    Why not simply than giving them carte blanche? (this is the figurative meaning of donner un chèque en blanc: let people do whatever they want).
  6. WillHelpIfICan Senior Member

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    Moon Palace's take is spot on!

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