Signifying Thoughts (two different situations)

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Hello. I was wondering what you guys and gals think of single quotation marks for signifying thoughts when the rest of the story uses double quotation marks to signify spoken words. Is it better to use that method or italics? For example:

'Why me?' she thought.


Why me? she thought.

My guess is that most or all of you will say to go with the italics for signifying thoughts, and I think I'd agree with you on that. But now look at this little conundrum of mine:

'C'est la vie,' she thought.

In that case, the italics need to be used because the words are in a different language, so the use of italics is already used up for something. Is it then okay to use single quotation marks (while the rest of the manuscript uses double quotation marks for spoken words) in order to signify those words as thoughts?


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    Hullo Moi. I'd just opt for italics on their own: I'd take them as covering both the internal-monologue and the foreign-tag aspects:) Italics and quotes just looks ... well, odd.
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