Sigo buscando a mi media naranja?

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  1. terrortwilight Member

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    If I were to say "I'm looking for my other half", am I supposed to say like "Sigo buscando a mi media naranja" or "Sigo buscando mi media naranja"?

    Am I supposed to put 'a' after 'buscando' since 'mi media naranja' is actually referring to a human? But the literal meaning of 'media naranja' is 'the half of an orange', (which is not referring to a person) so it might not be okay to put 'a' after 'buscando'??

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Little Chandler

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    Yo creo que lo diría con preposición: sigo buscando a mi media naranja, aunque la otra forma tampoco sonaría raro. De todas formas me da la impresión de ser más correcta con preposición.
  3. yoliyoli Senior Member

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    With preposition in this case, because "mi media naranja" refers to a person.
    - Estoy buscando a mi madre
    - Estoy buscando las llaves del coche.
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  5. proud latina New Member

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    no necesariamente tienes que poner "a mi media naranja" could be "Estoy buscando mi media naranja" que se refiere estas buscando una pareja!

  6. terrortwilight Member

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    Muchas gracias a todos por las contestaciónes!!

    *On an unrelated note: I have a question about interpreting Little Chandler(the first answerer)'s answer into English (Sorry, my Spanish is only at a beginner level)


    I think that it was spoken with preposition: 'sigo buscando a mi media naranja', although the other form may sound odd. Of all the forms the one with the preposition gives me an impression of being more correct.

    This is how I translated his reply into English, and I am wondering if I did it right.
    Also, how do you interpret 'Yo creo que lo diría con preposicion'? Since 'diría' is the p.p form of 'decir', it should interpret like 'used to speak', am I right? Then shouldn't it be like 'Yo creo que se lo diría con preposicion', because it is something that is spoken/used to be spoken. (passive form)

    Ayuda por favor! :)
  7. USB-anslutning Senior Member

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    Actually diría is conditional and first person as well as third, so it can be translated as "I think that I would say it with the preposition", or at least that's how I read it.

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