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Hi guys,

can you please tell me the meaning of the word silberjodidschicht?
I'm reading a passage from Kehlmann's "Die Vermessung der Welt":
"es ist ein Geraet, das den Augenblick auf eine lichtempfindliche Silberjodidschicht bannen werde": a device that will ban the eyes from a *** which is sensitive to light"?

  • Hutschi

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    A device that will ban (the pictures of) the moment on a layer of silberjodid = on (black and white) photo paper or on (Black and white) film with a light sensitive layer of silver iodide.

    As you guessed it is a Photoapparat, a camera.


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    "Silberjodid" is the old spelling. It is often used until now outside of science.
    In science it was changed to the international spelling in the 1960th or 1970th as far as I remember.

    Similarly: "Oxyd" was changed to "oxid".