1. gaby91 Member

    Spanish- Venezuela
    Hello, everyone. I'm translating a movie about a guy in the army who does not obbey a superior. One of those times the superior says: "Silent contempt"
    I'm not sure if it means the soldier made a mistake, wich I could translate as "FAlta de X", or if is the name of some kind of punishment.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. acemi Member

    silent contempt = unspoken or implied contempt/hatred
    In the dictionary there is the sentence:
    le miró con mudo desprecio.

    It might be that the soldier dislikes his superior immensely and the superior notices that... the camera pans to show the expression on the face of the insubordinate... ? but of course I don't know what is happening in the film.

    Does that help? More context might help to direct an answer.
    For example, Is the superior speaking to the insubordinate, to himself or to someone else?
    Was the insubordinate not obeying by not speaking/answering (ignoring the superior)?
  3. gaby91 Member

    Spanish- Venezuela
    The soldier does not answer and the the superior says "silent contempt". Now that I read your answer I think the Superior might had described the soldier's behaviour because after that he just go and checks the other soldiers.
  4. acemi Member

    yes. It seems the superior is talking to himself out loud, describing the emotion of the soldier.

    le miró con mudo desprecio - she looked at him with silent contempt
  5. gaby91 Member

    Spanish- Venezuela
    Thanks, really helps :)

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