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I would like to submit my short film in a film festival in Romania, but I am required to submit the short film synopsis' in Romanian. Can anyone help me translate it? This is the text: "A housewife who is the caregiver for her ill husband, silently struggles between her responsibilities and her desire for a more fulfilling life." That's it.
Thank you very much!
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    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    Normally we ask for an initial attempt from your part, but I gather from the fact that you also asked for the translation in Hungarian that you're not a student of Romanian and therefore can't give it a shot first.

    So there's my try:
    Zbaterea lăuntrică a unei casnice care-și îngrijește soțul bolnav între responsabilități și dorința de a duce o viață mai împlinită.

    Pretty sure someone can say it better though. This is a pretty literal (and not so pretty) translation.


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    Trisia's translation is perfect.
    This is mine.

    E vorba despre o femeie casnică ce îşi îngrijeşte soțul bolnav şi care se luptă în tăcere, împărțindu-se între responsabilități şi dorința secretă de a avea o viață împlinită.
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