Silex standing on a hotplate

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Inside was the room they had seen on their way up to the roof with Clotho and Lachesis –Winslow Homer prints hanging crooked on the walls, a Silex standing on a hotplate, hideous Swedish Modern furniture. No one was in the room right now, but the TV bolted to the wall was playing nevertheless, and their old friend Lisette Benson was reading the morning news.
Source: Insomnia by Stephen King

Silex is the band of a coffee machine, right?


Silex: silica, especially quartz or flint, with silica meaning a hard, unreactive, colorless compound that occurs as the mineral quartz and as a principal constituent of sandstone and other rocks.

Thank you.
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    It is sitting on a hotplate: an electric thing that keeps something sitting on it hot. You would not put a "machine" on a hotplate, but you would put a glass container (like the one shown) full of coffee on a hotplate.

    twin hotplate with carafe.jpg
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